about the film

where is the most important war?
it occurs in your head. it is a war of minds.
and the war against the mind.
who and why builds fences?
and how they affect our thinking and our way of life?
we are- behind the fence. in a jail... All we do is controlled by restrictions.
it is not freedom of choice but simply lack of the fence in one direction ...
pointless fight because that fight is nothing.
but if you start to struggle you always lose ... always ...
it is a film about a man who lost the fight.
He tried to fight and lost. Now he is alone with his inner world.
went back to his childhood fears and gradually rises to his person trying to figure out who he really could be

it is always fog there.
only he and the empty street. now it's his world.
he is running.

next scene
the same guy in a different dress runs in an empty school. This is Vlad. male 17 years old
dark corridors meet his not very friendly.
outside perpetual fog, barrier in front of the school yard.
Vlad is a long time in the dark hallway outside the door, does not dare enter.
dark corridor cuts through the beam of a door opening.
door opens wider and wider ... Vlad comes to light.

next scene
overlighted classroom.
many young children. 7-8 YO, kids.
all in suits, in school uniform.
Vlad is an adult in traning wear.
The teacher introduce Vlad, puts him in his place and the lesson starts.
wrote on the blackboard different words, letters.
children do not listen and slyly drop paper balls to each other behind her back,
throw in Vlad sometimes. he does not pay attention.
Then one kid who sits behind him get the knife.
teacher continues to write on the board the same letter as if she was a stupid pupil.
writes with a nasty raspy sound.
Boy behind Vlad begins slowly with a knife to cut a bag of Vlad that hangs on the back of the chair.
Vlad pretends not to notice.
Then the boy cuts the belt with the same nasty sound with which the teacher writes on the board.
sound of chalk masks the sound of knife.
bag falls, children cam laugh. teacher shudders but continues to write. she is scared but want to hide it.
children continue to make fun of Vlad, and a child who is sitting behind Vlad slowly cut back through a light shirt.
performs blood, all fascinated with insolent smiles look at it, some even got up.
the child does have a few notches on the back of Vlad.

the next scene.
Vlad`s bathroom.
on the floor, torn bags, clothes crumpled and torn.
He was standing in a bathroom stall clean, dimly lit room, light from above.
gradually reveal his neck, the camera slowly descends back.
no injuries there, back is clean.
static camera shows the room which is adjacent to the bathroom.
Vlad is in the room. so many ruined things, deflated balls,
broken skis, any broken toys on the floor, wires, unfinished model airplanes,
dark, cluttered with boxes window, a door into a room with double windows closed. followed by some half-light.
gap under the door from which breaks the light.
Vlad walks in, looks around, starts looking for something.
finds and sewing up the bag and shirt.
Inside the door are heard some steps, there's somebody walks.
the sounds heard that it takes a newspaper and rustling her reaction Vlad, he looks at the door.
closeup drying shower. water drops falls down leaving a track.

next scene:

Tracers (parkour-boys) are training in the street, going to run away.
Suddenly Vlad comes with 2 dudes. is Eugene and Sasha.
Eugene is such a small angry, and Sasha a huge big musculed guy.
Vlad with them.
suited to the children.

Eugene: hey kid. have a smoke?
tracers: No, we do not smoke.
Eugene: and what is, some like sports or what?
Parkour guy: well like ...
Sasha walks up to him, staring at him: and why not boxing?
guys are confused: Oh, no ...
Sasha: and what do you do? a? (Look at them)
Vlad comes to one: you know how? Come on show me.
a frightened boy, is standing and look down
Vlad pushes him: come on, chick, jump, I've seen you jumped here.
Eugene: Come on boy, I can also parkour, see: (climb over the railing, jump) Yep! can u?
Sasha pushes a boy, he almost falls, approaches to which Vlad came up.
Sasha: You fuck misunderstand? do flips now, do you understand?
Guy: I do not know how I started only recently
Sasha pushes him to Vlad: do I say freak you did not understand?
Vlad almost support guy but then let go and he falls.
Eugene is laughing.
Vlad spits on the ground, Sasha staring at the fallen.
do it you goat do I say!
Guy: I just month I only ...
Vlad: (kicks his leg) come pose a little more, you offended or what?
Sasha arrogantly give him a hand. he does not take it, he gets up.
suited to the railing, climbs on them, then swings to open back salto and then camera shot is to the sky.
gray sky with clouds. Camera falls from the clouds in the running Vlad. it just runs down the street, trains.

this is the first scene, the essence of the film is as follows:
a person who was a regular hooligan and did not think about anything in life.
Then he met a man who showed him the way. Parkour. way to freedom.
the Parkour has complex philosophy and it turns out that Vlad can understand it only going edge of consciousness.
film is divided into several parts that are mixed throughout the film.
Vlad has a story - the story of hooligan which begun to reflext to his life.
he saw tracers, met with them and started working, in parallel trying to live in his old environment.
This environment rejected him and he became an outcast among his pals.
they forced him to show them what he can do, he tried to make the dangerous element of Parkour that is not able to do well and broke his spine.
It is defined only by the end of the film.
throughout the film there are a number of stories: one - is the story of Vlad in the real world where he is studying in a vocational school and walking with hooligans and trains.
second story (this is a school with children, room Vlad, his talk of philosophy with Fly - a Parkour Teacher) - is his inner world which is shown before and after the injury (in scene cut, but the plot is all happening after injury)
History in the inside world of Vlad - figurative, symbolic representation of his life.
this story is a strange and incomprehensible at first glance, very surreal, but the characters make it clear what they mean.
This brief history is as follows:

Vlad comes to school.
it is a symbol of his childhood. there he meets confusion and loneliness.
home is the same, only the voices of the parents at the door, out of which came the clear that - whether the abuse, or TV shows with the same content ...
When Vlad does get tight at the school, where children do not give him a chance to survive, there are Eugene and Sasha - the same hooligans who were with him.
but in his inner world, they like a guardian angel who explains to him that he is now with them and they will help him.
in fake.

Eugene and Sasha enter into his confidence and try to keep him in school. it likes so.
is not clear what is going on in school - the children sleep in the gym, do not know when to come out of there.
Teachers act as cowardly children
some little girl friends with Vlad and she with him, other kids dont touch him.
She shows him the hole in the fence through which to escape.
he runs in "outer world" and sees the silhouette - it's Roma. he is mute.
the only people in the outside world, but he is deaf and mute.
he teaches Vlad how to make Parkour.
in home Vlad hears swearing and it becomes clear that it is not on TV,
when a pieces of broken plate flies under the door.
Vlad takes this fragment and bring it to school. change it to the knife.
then walk to the outside world Vlad become regular.
but Eugene and Sasha watch Vlad and stole phone from Roma, and he disappears from the life of Vlad forever.
Vlad begins to run very fast and very tired.
One day he meets a Fly - his Parkour teacher.

Vlad runs trains.
gradually see that someone running after him.
He does not turn around.
Vlad: Who are you?
Fly: you breathe properly. inhale more than you can exhale. you going?
Vlad: I do not know, I just train. to health.
fly: as a recovering?
Vlad: Yes I'm all right ...
gradually at a loss stops, goes to step. nobody near.

gradually they learn, Fly tells to Vlad a philosophy of parkour.
that specially build fences to bring into our consciousness paradigm "paths from which to choose" instead of freedom.
and tracers are people who learn to overcome these barriers in thehead.
this is their way through it, and they overcome all obstacles in life, learn to overcome obstacles in principle.
Fly explains to Vlad that from childhood we drive past the fence until we are small and we do not realize it,
Instead of going right, we are accustomed to think in patterns "choice of what we offer."
he trains with Vlad and teaches him to overcome obstacles.
Vlad begins to feel the philosophy of freedom and comes to his home from the street.
everything is broken, he finds the plate and it sticks together. lacking only one piece.
he goes to Eugene and to Sasha and threatening them with a knife, takes a piece of the plate.

Vlad then becomes stronger and learns to confront children in school,
selects a piece of them back, it appears that this is Eugene and Sasha persuaded children to hurt Vlad that he did not leave the school.
the girl dont shows him a way out immediately.

girl only sees his back scarred.
it scars that leave a mark only in the soul ... but they are the most painful.
She takes him to the porch where the barrier and the fog and rain.
says that it can let go but there's nothing there.
at the end Eugene and Sasha go out after Vlad in the real world, again trying to shoot someone, but Vlad goes away from them.
He comes to the school and see that everything is falling apart, children are frightened, hiding away from him, there is no Eugene and Sasha.
girl wants him to stay, but he could not stay.
there is a frame where when Vlad goes to school and she let that little girl standing in the corridor farther in white glow.

in a parallel conflict between Vlad and Eugene & Sasha in real life is shown, which brings him to a trick with an injury.
The film ends with the fact that Vlad is sitting alone in the school for a while.
then goes through the main entrance where the barrier and is first on the road, then out of the city and is just across the fields.

a film about a person sometimes can not understand what was happening to him at the cost of his life.
before his death, before leaving, to realize that what happened to him.
cure imperfections to die without a load hurt himself for his lack of understanding of the transparency of the sky.
Vlad is the fate - to reflect and discover some strange philosophy fences ...
everything that happens in a strange school - this is the memory of his past life and find yourself.
a finding which was not possible in the real world because there is a lot of skins ...
unnecessary relationships, vanity, the simulation of love and friendship, misunderstanding and blindness of others ...
in such a world is only one solution - aggression.
but before the death of the man who stood on the path of enlightenment is given a chance to know yourself.
heaven is to die for it